Mulch is the ideal product for gardens and landscapes on commercial sites due to its versatility, quality, and durability.

At Professional Ground Covers, we know that mulch works perfectly for the green areas of churches, schools, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and different types of companies.

Businesses with large, well-manicured grounds have been shown to make a better impression on customers and a more positive environment for employees.

Some advantages of having gardens protected by mulch in companies are:

  • Better appearance, translated into an improvement of the public image of the company.
  • Temperature reduction.
  • Beneficial moisture in dry climates.
  • Prevents water from collapsing down the sewers.
  • Less stress, more health, and better working conditions.
  • Greater bond with nature by attracting butterflies, and bees, and connecting with plants in a real environment.

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The facade of a company says a lot about the quality of the services or products that are offered there; a company with a welcoming and well-maintained garden invites you to do business and represents a safe and reliable place.

For this reason, mulch is the ideal product to add to the garden and take care of plants, generating business benefits and a better reputation.

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