It is beneficial to cover the ground in many ways: We recommend Pine Straw or Mulch.

Ground covers can help prevent the spread of disease, promote healthy soil composition, and allow plants to grow without interruption. They also prevent nuisances such as insects, excess heat, and nuisance weeds.

These types of materials help retain moisture, prevent contaminants from entering, or even help protect a drip water system installed in the garden.

To choose the best coverage, our recommendation is:

  • Consider the types of plants you want to cover
  • The impression that you want to offer in your garden to visitors and residents, and the style of your landscape
  • And of course, seek expert advice. At Professional Ground Covers we are at your service.

Annual garden maintenance

Subsequently, the ideal is to carry out maintenance and renewal of the mulch or pine straw once or twice a year to preserve the pH and nutrition of the soil for the health and proper growth of plants and trees.

At Professional Ground Covers we offer the sale, installation, and home delivery of mulch and pine straw for the maintenance of your garden.

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