With the mulch, the soil around the plant is covered at 2” or 3” thick, covering the entire area where the roots of the plants are buried so that they are completely protected against threats such as weeds, insects, and extreme temperatures.

It is important to know that plants are very sensitive to cold, so when winter starts, a good bed of mulch can prevent the roots from freezing and dying.

We always recommend mulch to our customers because it protects plants against frost and extreme temperatures in winter.

In residential gardens, mulch makes great contributions such as:

  • Reduce evaporation
  • Avoid weeds
  • Protect from erosion
  • Serve as fertilizer

Beautiful garden and landscape for your home

But most importantly, it provides an image of greater care, neatness, and cleanliness to the garden, ensuring that your guests or visitors are fascinated by your garden.

In addition, the mulch adds beauty to the facade of your home, making it look more elegant and orderly.

An amazing house includes a beautiful and healthy garden, and mulch is the ideal product to achieve this.

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