At Professional Ground Covers we offer freight and product transportation services or moving trucks through the U-Haul platform to the all country.

The truck sizes we have available are:

  1. Home 3 + Bedrooms: 26´ super mover.
  2. Home 2 To 3 Bedrooms: 20´ family mover.
  3. Apartment up to 2 Bedrooms: 15´ thrifty mover.
  4. Apartment up to 1 Bedroom: 10´ mini mover.
  5. Studio / Apartment / Dorm Deliveries: 8´ pickup / 9´cargo van.
  6. Up to 3 rooms: 6´x 12´ trailer.
  7. Up to 2 rooms: 5´x 8´ trailer.

Tow dolly and auto transport:

  1. U-haul auto transports: have the greatest towing capacity available.
  2. Tow dolly: popular option for front-wheel-drive cars.

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