At Professional Ground Covers, we sell and ship high-quality natural topsoil. This type of soil is perfect for planting a new lawn or improving the quality of existing lawns.

The soil we sell is rich in nutrients, giving you the conditions to design and plant a beautiful lush green lawn or garden for your home or business.

The best soil for the best garden

We always explain to our clients that the quality of the soil is essential for agricultural or gardening practices.

Healthy, fertile soil ensures essential nutrients for plants to grow and thrive and provides the physical soil conditions that allow water and oxygen to reach plant roots.

Conversely, poor quality, depleted soil will not hold water and will make it impossible for your plants to thrive and survive.

The importance of the quality of your garden’s soil

Keep in mind that the soil is a living and dynamic ecosystem in itself.

In this sense, the soil has pores that allow the passage or retention of water and nutrients, influencing the growth, health, and vitality of plants.

For its part, the amount of water available in the soil has profound consequences for your garden; it can help balance soil surface temperatures and regulate soil heat content. All those elements promote or harm seed germination and flowering activity.

The key to healthy, high-quality soil is plenty of organic matter, which is why the soil we sell at Professional Ground Covers is truly the best on the market.

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