Pine Straw helps to insulate the soil from extreme temperatures and prevents moisture loss and erosion due to wind and rain.

In addition, this integral material decreases soil compaction and promotes favorable soil conditions for healthy root growth and, therefore, for the plants and trees in your garden.

Reasons to prefer pine straw for your residential or commercial garden

  1. It is of natural origin. Pine straw is a by-product that is discarded naturally from trees, without the need to cut or crush them.
  2. Promotes the penetration of irrigation water. Pine needles can intertwine, which helps keep pine straw loose, preventing a crust from forming and allowing water to soak into the soil, and preventing wasted irrigation.
  3. Helps control weeds. Pine straw greatly reduces the need for weed control compared to other natural mulches.
  4. Reduce maintenance. Pine straw does not float or wash off the beds like other products and offers durability because it breaks down more slowly than other natural mulches.
  5. Provides visual appeal. The fine texture and uniform color of pine straw are more aesthetically pleasing.

Other characteristics of the Pine Straw that you should consider are:

  • It is ideal for less humid climates.
  • It is more useful and effective in gardens than in landscaping.
  • It is more acidic than conventional mulch making it ideal for plants sensitive to mulch.
  • It is also used for orchards and placed under bushes.
  • Generally cheaper than mulch or bark
  • It is easier to replace.

We install pine straw professionally; we have many years of experience as support, and we have developed projects for housing, commercial business, and companies.

We oversee finishing the maintenance of your dream garden.

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