Using mulch for landscaping

Displaying nature in your home or business to reflect balance and beauty is an art form. Creating new designs and personal expressions and reflecting a living space’s aesthetic and cultural values are part of landscaping. The discipline is directly related to architecture, as it requires excellent skills in observation, strategy, and adapting nature to integrate it into the space around us.

Activities such as growing plants and creating structures and abstract elements are considered part of landscaping work since they not only apply to the visual but also the multidimensionality of the space. Thus, landscaping is both art and science, requiring not only the ability to create a visually pleasing setting but also to care for the health of the living foliage.

If you’ve ever seen an impeccably landscaped garden, you’ve probably noticed a layer of attractive, loose organic matter (shredded branches, woody debris, often dyed red, brown, or black) around the trees or in other defined areas. This material is known as mulch. At Professional Ground Covers, many of our customers come to us because they like the aesthetics of mulch but then are surprised to learn about its other benefits, such as maintaining an ideal soil condition and preserving plant and flower health.

Five Beneficial Characteristics of Mulch

  1. It improves the quality of plant nutrients, fertilizing the plants and helping them grow faster. There’s no better fertilizer than natural fertilizer.
  2. It helps to prevent weed growth, which reduces labor and maintenance tasks in gardens and orchards.
  3. It provides increased organic matter in the soil. By having a more compacted texture loaded with nutrients, mulch can help retain water in the soil and prevent it from hardening in the summer heat.
  4. It maintains a better temperature. Mulch helps create a kind of microclimate that regulates temperature and makes it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. During the winter season, mulch helps prevent frost from reaching the roots and weakening them or killing the plant.
  5. Its decomposition is slower, so the supply of nutrients is progressive and not instantaneous. Mulch is perfect for plants because it allows them to use its nutrients little by little, as needed.

Landscaping and mulch go hand in hand because mulch, with its range of colors, improves the appearance of plants. Also, in the long term, mulch helps to keep outdoor areas impeccable and looking great, just like the day it was first laid.

At Professional Ground Covers, we know mulch. We offer residential and commercial mulch installation in Georgia, mulch for sale, and delivery and installation in Lawrenceville. With over 20 years of experience, we can provide you with advice, installation, and sale of the best mulch for the best project — yours. Give us a call. You won’t regret it.

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