5 Common Garden Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

As experienced residential and commercial landscapers in Georgia, we’ve seen our fair share of beautiful gardens. We’ve also laid eyes on many that could use a bit of tender loving care. PGC believes sharing knowledge is akin to sowing seeds, and we’re devoted to providing anyone who wants with them the right tools for cultivating their dream garden. This article discusses five common garden maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them.

Overwatering: Too Much of a Good Thing

Contrary to the “more is better” belief, when it comes to watering your garden, that practice can lead you down a thorny path. Showering your green babies with an excess of H₂O can induce the dreaded root rot, among other plant maladies. Your plants’ water needs depend not only on their species but also on the climate’s mood swings and the calendar’s turn. The golden rule of watering? Soak them deep, yet sparingly, to encourage roots of steel.

Misuse of Mulch: The Importance of Getting it Right

Mulch is an integral component of a well-maintained garden. It insulates the soil, reduces weed growth, and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property. However, using the wrong type of mulch, or applying it incorrectly, can be detrimental to your garden’s health.

PGC usually recommends using pine straw, black or brown mulch, or a combination of red, black, and brown mulch. These mulches are ideally suited to our local Georgia conditions and are super-efficient for our indigenous plant species.

Neglecting to Prune: The Key to Healthy Growth

Regular pruning is a must — it bolsters healthy plant growth, eliminates dead or diseased wood, and contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your plants. But beware! Pruning at the wrong time or over-pruning can stress your plants. The best time to prune depends on the plant, so do a quick study before you start snipping away.

Overfertilizing: Less is More

Plants, like humans, need a balanced diet to flourish. But just as overeating can harm us, overfertilizing can damage your plants. Too much fertilizer can lead to leaf burn or spur sudden growth, resulting in feeble, spindly plants. It can even harm or destroy the helpful organisms living in the soil. Learn about your plants’ specific needs and apply fertilizers judiciously.

Ignoring Soil Health: The Foundation of a Great Garden

Soil is not merely “dirt” — it’s a bustling ecosystem that sustains your plants. Neglecting soil health can stunt plant growth and render them more vulnerable to pests and diseases. Regular soil testing can offer insights into what your soil lacks and how to amend it.

Our landscape supply in Georgia offers a wide array of gardening services, including soil testing and amendment recommendations.

Always remember, your garden is a living entity, and it needs regular care and attention to thrive. By adhering to these common garden maintenance practices, you will ensure your garden remains healthy, vibrant, and a sight to behold.

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