9 Ways to Use Pine Straw in Your Garden

If you’re looking for a commercial and residential landscaper in Lawrenceville or Gwinnett, Georgia, you should know what services to expect from an expert in the field. One of the essentials that a professional landscaping company should offer is pine straw as a gardening element. Not only does pine straw look good, but it also keeps plants healthy.

At Professional Ground Covers, we make the best recommendation for each project’s needs. We believe in giving our customers as much information as possible and consider pine straw to be an innovative and beneficial maintenance garden service in Gwinnett.

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing trees and plants surrounded by this uniform, reddish-brown straw that’s shed from pine trees, collected, and cleaned? The sense of symmetry and protection reflects order and harmony.

When properly handled and used in the appropriate gardening environment, pine straw provides many benefits:

  1. Adequate water filtration. Because it´s lighter than other materials, it provides the ideal percolation of water and its distribution.
  2. Helps contain erosion. The meshy network of pine needles prevents soil erosion and protects unstable areas.
  3. Durability. It decomposes more slowly than conventional materials.
  4. Compost. When it does decompose, the nutrient content in the soil increases.
  5. Levels the ground soil. When pine needles settle, they reduce compaction, improve the slope of the surface, and help oxygenate it.
  6. Perfect acidity. Its acid level is perfect for certain ornamental plants such as hydrangeas, rhododendrons, and camellias.
  7. Frost protection. Pine needles act as a natural greenhouse and insulate delicate plants from cold weather and frost. They also conserve heat and prevent the soil from freezing.
  8. Prevents water evaporation. This same greenhouse effect requires less water since it maintains the humidity in a continuous cycle.
  9. Reduces weeds. It becomes a protective barrier that prevents weeds from growing.

Professional Ground Covers has the expertise and knowledge on how to best use pine straw in your garden. We can advise you and make recommendations that will work perfectly for your particular situation. We also have pine straw for sale in Gwinnett and can provide garden maintenance or renovation. Call us today; we’ll take care of everything for you!

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