Topsoil Installation: What You Need to Know for a Healthy Lawn

When spring arrives, one of the most common gardening tasks is planting new turf, but you must prepare the soil before doing so. Conditioning the ground is crucial to gardening success. Here are some of the most important actions to take:

  1. Eliminating the weeds
  2. Scarifying the soil
  3. Ensuring correct drainage
  4. Installing a good irrigation system
  5. Installing premium-quality topsoil

Pay attention to #5 on the list because without professional topsoil installation, a successful outcome, even after doing #1 through #4, is highly unlikely.

Types of topsoil

To achieve your dream garden, you should learn about topsoil varieties and their characteristics to determine which ones to use in each garden area.

Choosing the suitable substrate (a material or substance on which an enzyme acts) is essential for keeping your lawn in good condition. Substrate makes plants more resistant to pests and other elements, such as parasitic diseases, that hinder their growth.

Each type of topsoil has its own physical and chemical characteristics. Many varieties are available for sale, but what you purchase will depend on your garden’s particular needs.

  • Clay soil is composed of more than 25% clay. It´s high in nutrients and stays moist and cool in winter, then dries out in summer. Clay soil tends to retain large amounts of water.
  • Sandy soil is composed of more than 85% granular, sand-sized particles made from ground-up rocks. In summer, sand soil is usually very dry and heats up quickly in the sun. It´s recommended in arid climates that do not require much water.
  • Peaty soil is composed mainly of peat and is, therefore, highly acidic and rich in humus. It retains a lot of moisture and is appropriate for use in certain types of gardens requiring these characteristics.
  • Silty soil is highly fertile because it retains moisture. Nevertheless, it’s prone to be washed away by rain since it´s a light soil variety.
  • Chalky soil is alkaline with many stones and good drainage. It´s not fertile soil because the organic matter added to it decomposes easily.
  • Loamy soil is composed of a combination of silt, sand, and a little clay. It has good drainage, and it’s often the best choice because it’s composed of various types of soils.

With so many types of topsoil, it´s often tricky for home and garden owners to know which is the best choice. If you’re a property owner looking for garden maintenance services or gardening companies in Gwinnett County or Lawrenceville, Georgia, don’t hesitate to contact Professional Ground Covers Inc.  Our topsoil installation experts have many years of experience advising and working with our clients to guarantee the best residential and commercial landscaper services in Gwinnett County and Lawrenceville. We look forward to getting your call!

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